Errands Group



EGI Errands Group is an Orange County- CA based company that provides luxury lifestyle management and personal assistant services to individuals in Southern CA. Their services include saving clients time by providing property management, task management and time management services.


EGI came to us looking for a new website and a new way to market to their very specific clientele.

New Website

We designed a new website that has a luxurious, high-end vibe. We chose images that communicated a lavish level of living and chose to make the website black and white with just pops of their signature orange color because we felt it added that upscale look

Social Media Advertising

EGI wanted to target a very specific demographic so we recommended running a Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign because social media advertising allows us to show ads to the exact people who fit into the client’s target demographic. We designed ads that matched their website and wrote copy that would entice viewers to click the ad and call the company to get service. We continue to run their social media advertisements and provide analytics and ROI.

Headshot Photoshoot

We felt that for this type of business, it was important for their customers to see who they would be working with so we provided a headshot photoshoot for the executive team at EGI.


New responsive website consistent with new brand identity

Full social media advertising campaign for both Facebook and Instagram that matches new brand identity and targets preferred demographic.

Professional photos of executive team