Exhibit Potential



Exhibit Potential designs, develops and constructs trade show booth’s, trade show graphics, trade show accessories and more, at conventions nationwide. They also offer trade show consulting and management services.


Exhibit Potential was in need of a new, mobile-friendly website that would showcase the company’s high-end trade show exhibit options, and give examples of the different trade show booth systems and accessories that they can provide to their customers. The client also requested that the website have educational information for customers to learn a little bit about the difference between renting a trade show booth vs buying a trade show booth. They also requested that they have an online chat box available to chat with customers in real-time. Another priority was for the website to give examples of different trade show booth systems that are available to clients.


Big Hype Marketing organized all of Exhibit Potential’s different photos of their past work and selected different projects for different parts of the website. We also had to do a lot of research about the different trade show systems. Once we finished all of our research, we built out the many pages of the website and connected the clients existing online store.

Big Hype Marketing also created a Google Adwords advertising campaign for Exhibit Potential. This Pay-Per-Click online advertising campaign displays a small advertisement in Google searches when customers search for the keywords associated with Exhibit Potential. Google Adwords helps businesses get found by people who are searching for a product or service precisely when they are looking for it. In Exhibit Potential’s case, when people search for keywords like “trade show exhibits”, “trade show booths”, “trade show graphics”, etc. their Google Adwords campaign display’s an ad on the front page of a Google search for the customer to see.

We also initiated a Search Engine Optimization campaign to help build visibility for the website in organic online searches using the same keywords.