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Meet Julie Leffler | President at Big Hype Marketing & PR

Julie Leffler President BIg Hype Marketing

Meet Julie Leffler | President at Big Hype Marketing & PR

Julie Leffler

President/Creative Director at Big Hype Marketing

As the visionary leader and creative director of Big Hype Marketing and PR, Julie Leffler has built a powerhouse agency with a combination of grace, tenacity and panache. With her creative and discerning eye, on-point content writing skills, well-nurtured media relationships and her ability to multi-task as if she had eight arms, Julie provides a next-level dedication to clients, and creates strategic campaigns that make an impact.

Julie’s 15 years of experience in marketing and public relations has provided her with the ability and skills to work with clients as a comprehensive strategist developing great ideas for them that are executed into full-blown marketing strategies. Her background provides guidance to clients in a wide range of components, ranging from photo shoot design to content writing, media pitching, and social media, website design to back-end operations. She and her team create these marketing and public relations campaigns both regionally and nationally with results that positively impact the client’s bottom line. These abilities paired with her creative ideas and relationships is what gives Big Hype Marketing and PR the edge in successfully identifying, creating and implementing solutions for clients.

Julie is involved in every project that comes through the Big Hype doors, making sure that every product and service is top-notch, up to her high standards, and ensuring that each service the agency provides will be impactful and will lead to achieving the financial and brand goals of each client.

Julie launched Big Hype Marketing and PR in 2015 with the goal of supporting other entrepreneurs, business owners and talented individuals with building strong businesses and brands in the area that THEY are passionate about.

For more than 15 years, Julie Leffler has promoted both individuals and businesses across a variety of industries including, celebrities, fashion, events, charity, consumer products, service industry, theatrical movie releases, home video and non-profit organizations. Earlier in her career, Julie worked at PR agencies in Hollywood representing home video releases and then celebrities, movie premieres and theatrical releases. She later managed both marketing and public relations at action sports company, Hurley. In 2006, Julie launched her own public relations agency, Prestige Public Relations, representing fashion and lifestyle brands. Prestige PR grew in to Big Hype Marketing in 2015 with the addition of comprehensive digital marketing services including SEO, SEM, website design, influencer marketing as well as graphic design and print marketing.

Big Hype Marketing ( has been serving a wide range of consumer products, services and personalities with current solutions for today’s fast changing communication environment.

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