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Coachella's Best Dates



Grown with love under the Coachella Valley sun, we aimed to harvest this organic date company’s identity in a similar fashion.


Coachella Valley, the date-growing mecca of the United States, supplies about 90% of the dates grown in the US because of its pristine date-growing weather and environment. Coachella’s Best Organic Dates is one of Coachella Valley’s largest date farms, producing several varieties of organic dates year round including Medjool, Barhi, Zahidi, Deglet, Honey, Halawi, Yellow Barhi, and more.

When Coachella’s Best first came to us, they were a new company and had already created a logo, packaging and website, however they needed to create a comprehensive brand identity so that they could tell their unique story and set themselves apart from the many other date companies stemming from the Coachella Valley. 

We created a fresh visual and messaging identity for them including cleaning up their logo, created a color palette, fonts, design elements, and more. We redesigned their packaging, designed and developed a new Shopify website, implemented a social media management strategy, began sending email newsletters to subscribers on a regular basis, wrote blogs about the benefits of dates, recipes, and other cool date information, worked with influencers for partnerships and much, much more.

Design Principle

We started our branding efforts by developing brand messaging and visual elements that would communicate the vibe and design that we decided to call as having a “rural luxury” feel. We used this term to describe the juxtaposition of Coachella’s Best’s high-end, luxurious packaging and customer experience, and the fact that their dates are grown on a completely organic, working farm with real ranchers, palmeros and animal workers. Using our “rural luxury” design inspiration as a guide, we combined organic, almost rustic, typeface and a graphic foundation, with sophisticated, yet bohemian elements and photography, and a rich, neutral color palette to speak to Coachella Valley’s luxuriously down-to-earth atmosphere.


  • 01 Visual & Brand Identity
  • 02 Message Development
  • 03 Copywriting
  • 04 Photography
  • 05 Website Design & Development
  • 06 Social Media Management
  • 07 Social Media Advertising
  • 08 Digital Advertising
  • 09 Packaging Design & Implementation
  • 10 Shopify Site Management
  • 11 Newsletter Design & Distribution
  • 12 Community Management
  • 13 Influencer Management
  • 14 Data Analysis & Reporting

Our Strategies


For the website, we utilized all of the new brand elements, messaging, and photography and designed a fully custom Shopify website that clearly communicates the brand’s unique story and features the products in an easy to navigate, shoppable manner.


Writing blogs and recipes for Coachella's Best's website is an effective way to engage with their audience, establish brand identity, and showcase their products. These blogs provide a platform for Coachella's Best to share the benefits of dates with their audience, while recipes offer an opportunity to showcase the versatility and quality of their products. By regularly publishing high-quality content on their website, Coachella's Best is able to increase their online visibility, build a loyal following, and ultimately drive sales. Additionally, blogs and recipes can help to foster a sense of community among Coachella's Best's audience by encouraging discussion and interaction.


By regularly posting engaging and informative content on Coachella's Best's Instagram and Facebook channels, we have been able to establish a strong online presence, develop a loyal following, share important and helpful content, reach new audiences, foster meaningful relationships with their audience and ultimately drive sales.

We have created various content themes including, product announcements, promotions, educational content, farm photos, testimonials, memes, and holiday posts that effectively promote the company and convert.


Dates are an incredibly versatile ingredient in cooking and baking, so we are always looking for creative recipes to showcase the product. We have created and shared over 60 new recipes utilizing Coachella’s Best Dates to share on social media and the website. We have also recruited micro-influencers to cook with our dates and share their own recipes with their followers, which has become a mutually successful and beneficial strategy.





Big Hype has made Coachella’s Best a lead competitor in the nation’s date producers, focusing on ethical farming and organic production, and located in the premiere date location of Coachella Valley, California. We have increased the company's online monthly revenue from approximately $4k/month to as high as $40k/month. We have also grown online presence from 227 followers to 2.2k followers and, most recently, designed new packaging to make products stand out in stores across the country.


  • Increased IG engagement from 227 to 2.2k followers
  • Increased Facebook engagement by X%
  • Increased email sales by x%
  • Increased Sales from minimal sales to up to $40k/month
  • Increased online presence by X%
  • Implemented influencer content
  • Implemented brand photoshoots
  • Implemented new giveaways
  • New opportunities
  • Packaging, rebranding, etc.
  • Implemented Reels
  • Wrote Recipes & Blogs
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