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What is Website Hosting?

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What is Website Hosting?

What Is Website Hosting? And Why Do I Have To Pay To Have My Website Hosted?

Website hosting is a service that allows businesses, organizations and individuals to put a website onto the Internet. A website hosting service or provider is a business that provides the services and technologies needed for the website or webpage to be visible online.

A website is actually a group of files, databases, images and coding that needs to be stored in a secure spot that communicates with the internet. In order to be visible online, a website needs to be hosted, or stored on special computers called a server. A website can not be seen if it isn’t connected to a server.

When Internet users want to see your website, they enter your website address, or domain into their browser. Their computer then connects to the server where your website is hosted and delivers the website to the browser/person’s computer.

You also need to own your domain in order to have your website up. The domain is the website address that you enter into the browser, ie. If you do not have a domain for your website, your hosting company can help you purchase one. If you already own your domain but host it with an old website company, you can switch your domain to the same company that is hosting the website.

But I Was Told I Owned My Website!

There are two ways that you can pay for a website:

Renting A Website
When you rent a website, you are paying a monthly fee to use the website. The company that you are renting it from, owns the website and you can not take the website from that company. You will have to pay them indefinitely until you no longer need or want that website. Sometimes, when you rent your website, it is difficult to take your domain name if you terminate your rental. Renting a website can end up costing you more over time.

Buying A Website

When you buy a website you will be finished paying for the website upon completion of the website and launch. However, when you own your website, it will have to be hosted on a server and that will be a monthly fee. This monthly hosting fee is much less then a website rental fee. Website hosting can range from $10/month - $60/month depending on what is included in the hosting program. Some companies like will host your website on their server but do not provide system updates to the website or other services. Other companies will regularly provide system updates and offer to make changes to your website when needed. You will also want to use a web hosting company that has a secure server that protects your website from cyber attacks. A company like Big Hype Marketing ( will provide you with a more detailed hosting service that includes hosting your website, making edits, a secure server, system updates and more.

Additionally, if you own your website, if you decide to part ways with the company who is hosting your website, they are obligated to send you all of the files, database, and framework for the website, however, keep in mind, you will have to move it to another server in order for your website to be live on the internet.

When you are investing in purchasing a website, make sure you understand your options and that you find the right website hosting company for your needs.


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