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3 Marketing Components Every Business Needs To Be Successful

3 Marketing Components Every Business Needs To Be Successful

3 Marketing Components Every Business Needs To Be Successful

3 Marketing Components Every Business Needs To Be Successful

Whether you’re launching a new business or looking for ways to level up your existing one, here are 3 marketing components that you NEED to have a successful business.

1. Good Brand Visuals - Brand visuals include graphics, colors, fonts, and photos that you use consistently to represent your brand and business. Your brand visuals help your potential target audience, target audience, and even employees develop trust and recognition for the company. Well-developed brand visuals can also help position you as a professional, expert, or needed product or service. Remember, your company’s "look" is the first impression you are making to new customers or clients. If you make a good first impression, then you have captured their attention, but if you make a bad first impression, you have to work super hard to change their mind about you IF you can keep their attention.

2. Well Established Messaging - Only you do what you do the way that you do it! Your brand messaging should specify what sets you apart from your competitors and tells your unique story. In a sea of professionals that provide the same exact services as you, you need to be able to communicate to your potential clients how you are different. This is achieved by establishing clear, concise, yet comprehensive messaging that can be used by all employees, across all marketing platforms. Studies show that we are more persuaded by a brand that is congruent with our own values, image, and goals, so well-established messaging tells your unique story and helps you connect to your ideal client.

3. A Strategy to Reach Your Target Audience - Once you have created brand visuals and messaging, you can use them throughout your marketing efforts to grab your target audience’s attention and get them to take action with your company. But before implementing the marketing campaign, you’ll first want to determine who your target audience is and how to reach them based on factors like, their age, gender, geographic location, interests, values, and priorities. Your type of business and goals will help determine the right marketing strategy for you. Your marketing can include a well-designed, easy to navigate website, social media advertising, social media management, email newsletters, digital ads, and more.

If you are wondering if you have the right branding and marketing strategy for your business, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Does my brand look attractive and cohesive?
  2. Does my messaging tell who I am, what I do and what sets me apart from my competitors?
  3. Do I have a strategy to get in front of my target audience and get them to take action with my company?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, then it’s time to hire a local marketing agency to help you establish the right branding and marketing for your business. The experts at Big Hype Marketing handle everything from branding, messaging, graphic design, website design and development, social media management, social media advertising, email marketing, e-commerce marketing, and more.

Reach out to Big Hype Marketing today at or 888-855-6738.

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