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Worth The Hype

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Listen up! Working in digital marketing means keeping up with the latest trends... which is why we’re all about podcasts nowadays. Whether you’re listening on your way to work, on your morning run, or while you clean the house, you’re tuned in to your favorites. If you’re as addicted as we are, we want to share some of our best podcast recommendations with you. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next binge-worthy listen!


Today, we’re talking about How I Built This with Guy Raz!


If you’re a business buff like us, you’ll love this one. Raz interviews some of the biggest names in the industry, and you get to hear from the entrepreneurs themselves about how they built their businesses. (Some notable appearances? The minds behind Chipotle, Hinge, AirBNB, and sooo many more!)


What sets How I Built This apart from its competitors and neighbors is that it is much less about numbers and much more about feelings. As far as business podcasts go, it's rooted deeply in empathy and narrative, and that comes from Raz’s hosting style. Through genuine reactions (and a whole lot of “Wow”s), Raz is engaged right alongside the listener and asks the questions we’re silently begging for answers to. He treats his guests as if each business-mogul’s story is unlike any other… and it is! 


When interviewed by New York Times about his podcast, Raz talked about how he expects his guests to come into their interviews with complete vulnerability. Although their journey to how they built their empire is not always easy to relive, Raz is trusted to lead them comfortably to the story’s end- which is always, inevitably, success. 


How I Built This goes beyond the resumes and degrees that built the entrepreneur, and rather delves into the failures and sacrifices that tore them to the ground. Everyone knows the big name businesses and all of the success they’ve employed, but we rarely get to see the ways in which they got there. This is such an important reminder for the aspiring entrepreneurs to remember that even the biggest businesses today weren’t built overnight.  While some episodes can get emotional, that’s why we love to listen! The podcast is focused on business, but it’s gut-wrenching and shocking and intriguing, and yet we still feel like we’re learning and benefitting from each listen. 


There’s a reason we chose How I Built This as our first podcast feature; it really is worth the listen. Find it on any of your favorite streaming platforms, or at and let us know what you think!


For more about digital marketing, public relations, and social media in Newport Beach, CA, visit Big Hype Marketing, and check back next month for our next podcast recommendation!  

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