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Tips & Tricks: Working From Home

Tips & Tricks: Working From Home

Some of us are back to working from home, some of us never stopped! Even though we’re back at the Big Hype office, we’ve mastered the art of remote work in digital marketing Newport Beach CA. Whatever your situation is like these days, we’re giving you some of our pro tips on how to stay productive during those WFH shifts!


Set Your Space

There is a trick to mastering your work-life balance; you should have separate spaces in your home for work, sleep, and play. That is, you should never eat or watch TV in bed, as you will have a harder time sleeping, and you should never work where you hang out, as you will never be able to focus. Your WFH space should be set up like an office (or as close to it as you can get!) Designate an area in your home where you won’t be interrupted, you can simulate a desk space, and your productivity will last an entire 9-5.


Dress to Impress

… Your zoom guests! Even though you’re in the sanctuary of your home, sweatpants are not in the work dress code. Take time each morning to get ready, style your hair, and put together a real outfit. At the bare minimum, do it on Monday! You’ll need the extra energy boost. It’s been proven that when you take the time to get ready for your workday, you are significantly more productive. Similarly to separating your spaces, you need to save the pajamas for bedtime. 


Take a Break

You are still entitled to your lunch break, even if you are spending the whole day at home. Take that time to get out of the house; whether it’s treating yourself to a lunch out, or taking your meal outside to eat in the fresh air. A change of pace will serve the same purpose your normal lunch break would- give you a much needed rest, and reset your energy for the second half of the day!


Ditch the Distractions

Unless you’re like us and work in social media, take initiative and make your work space a no phone zone. It’s sooo much easier to get distracted when your office is also your living room. Make sure your kids and pets are restricted from interrupting your workspace, don’t use your cell unless you absolutely need to, and cut off any noise that may pull you from your work (Yes, that means turning off Netflix, even if it’s playing from the other room!)


Rest and Reset

Once you’re off the clock, you should try to avoid any extra work. Your home needs to continue to serve as a place of comfort and relaxation. So once 5 o’clock hits, it’s out of office and onto the couch!

For more tips and tricks on surviving the world of digital marketing Newport Beach CA, visit Big Hype Marketing today!

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