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Brand Photoshoots

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Brand Photoshoots

We’re getting you ready to nail that brand photoshoot Newport Beach, CA!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a brand photoshoot can tell your entire company's story, if done right! Whether your strongest marketing tools lie in your website, social media, or advertising strategies, you need visual representation of your company to truly translate your brand to the public. Today, we’re breaking down our shoot prep for you, and giving you everything you need to capture those picture perfect moments. 


Like anything in business, we start with an idea. When a client comes to us wanting to schedule a photoshoot, we immediately ask what the concept for that shoot will be. We also ask for inspiration photos in order to get a solid grasp of what out client wants- What story are we telling? What kind of shots are must-haves? Will we focus on products, lifestyle, or something else entirely? Once we’ve figured out the client’s vision, we can start working to bring it to life.

Shot List

Your shot list may be the most important key component to your photoshoot. It is the entire structure of the shoot- from location, to props, to shot type, to story, to models, to schedule. We rely on these shot lists to guide us through the photo planning process, and they stay with us up until the shoot wraps. In order to create a good shot list, we recommend you start with a simple list of the shots you want to capture in the shoot, as well as those inspiration photos from before, and build out from there. By the time your shot list is complete, it should act as your entire plan for the shoot day. It will guide you to find the right location, models if needed, and props. Your photographer will appreciate as much direction as possible, so they can help bring your vision to fruition and avoid any miscommunication along the way. Speaking of...


It is essential that you find a photographer who can manifest your vision. If your company has an in-house photographer, chances are they’ll already understand your aesthetic and preferences. But if you’re outsourcing, be sure to do thorough research. Narrow down your choices to photographers who have experience with companies similar to yours, a lengthy portfolio that matches your ideals, and who you trust to materialize your brand. It’s always standard to meet with your photographer ahead of the shoot to review your shot list and make sure they have a clear grasp of your vision. 

Models and Props

Depending on your business and concept for the photoshoot, you may consider working with models. Book them through an agency with plenty of time to spare, and choose backup models in case of scheduling conflicts. Make sure you are stocked with any props you may need and that they are in top condition going into the shoot. 

If you need help planning and executing your next brand photoshoot, or any other marketing services in Newport Beach, CA visit Big Hype Marketing today!


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