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The Most Instagram-able Spots in Orange County

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The Most Instagram-able Spots in Orange County

A guide to all the picture perfect spots in Orange County, CA!

As social media experts and Orange County natives, it’s in our job description to know all the best spots to boost your SMM game. Check out our favorite photo ops for social media near Newport, CA!


Lido Marina Village

Kicking off the list is Lido Marina Village, located right here in Newport! Lido has so much photo-worthy scenery, but our personal favorite is the iconic “Let Your Dreams Set Sail” mural, directly below the parking garage. 


Downtown Laguna Beach

Just down the coast is our favorite neighbor, Laguna Beach. The area is an artist’s dream- from locally sourced murals and sculptures, to full on art shows, even the Laguna architecture is full of color and life. Take a stroll downtown and we guarantee you’ll stumble across a photo op or two.


The LAB Anti-Mall

Speaking of unique artwork, the anti-mall in Costa Mesa is full of it! Our team just did a photoshoot there, and we made full use of the various painted walls and upcycled artwork. Our favorite feature? The tunnel of old CDs! 


Pacific City

You may know it as the big shopping center in Huntington Beach, but Pacific City is a hidden gem for photoshoots! From it’s beautiful glass structure, to it’s trendy boutiques and restaurants, you’re sure to find an Instagram-worthy shot. (And a great lunch spot!)


Balboa Fun Zone

Bringing you right back home to Newport, Balboa Fun Zone is a family-friendly goldmine for Instagram pics! Whether you want a bright and colorful vibe at the arcade, or you prefer neutrals at the deck, there’s a shot for everyone… and a million things to do! 


No matter what your feed calls for, there’s something along the coastline that’s picture perfect for you.


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