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In marketing, visuals are essential to portraying your brand and communicating messages about your brand to the consumer. Images and messaging associated with your brand evoke an emotional connection with the consumer, making the image of a brand a deciding factor for a lot of consumers and whether they choose to purchase a product or service from a particular company. Brand imagery and messaging creates character, recognition and value of a brand. It also generates interest and trust of the consumer, so it is therefore imperative that the branding, imagery and messaging associated with your business be consistent and spot on. Big Hype Marketing provides creative services for branding, printed material, website design, content writing and all imagery and messaging associated with our client’s company and their products and services. We create enticing and consistent branding that creates hype and excitement for our client’s brands.


    Big Hype Marketing designs cohesive corporate brand images and messages for our clients. We make sure that our client’s brand identity sets them apart from other brands within their industry while targeting their specific customers. We align all brand materials to project the same consistent message and make sure our clients are telling the right story while looking their best.


    Big Hype Marketing thoughtfully and creatively designs logos and brand materials, brochure designs, web image designs, print material designs, sales material designs, and more, to create visually supportive and informative materials for our clients.


    Big Hype Marketing skillfully and creatively designs and develops websites for our clients that are visually impressive, functional for our client’s individual needs as well as include valuable word content, search engine optimization, and graphic art expertise.


    Big Hype Marketing works with clients to conceptualize and execute the most brand relevant photo shoots in order to generate images to be used for websites, marketing materials, sales materials and more. Big Hype Marketing will scout a location, hire models, photographer, stylist and select photos that will best represent the client’s brand.


    Big Hype Marketing offers a full-range of printing services to create supportive material for our client’s, including business cards, brochures, catalogs, mailers, hand-outs, sales material, etc.


    The in-house copywriters at Big Hype Marketing work alongside the sales and marketing team to carefully construct content and copy that articulates the exact message that needs to be communicated. Our writers create professional and relevant content for websites, marketing materials, email blasts, blog articles, social media posts, ad campaigns, product and service descriptions and more…