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Mobile Friendly Website Design

Big Hype Marketing Provides Custom Mobile Friendly Website Design,
Making Websites Responsive For Any Size Screen

Responsive websites are the future…In 2015, Google confirmed that mobile search queries have surpassed desktop searches. Google stated that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” These statistics tell us that the majority of people are now searching more on tablets and Smartphones then on desktop computers. This means that in order to avoid missed business opportunities, it is extremely important for a business to have  a mobile friendly website design , meaning that that their website is built so that it is responsive to the smaller screens of Smartphones, tablets and now watches!

There are two major methods of creating websites that are developed with mobile friendly website design. The better, more popular and economical choice is to build one website for your business with responsive design. Responsive Website Design means that you have one website that is coded so that it adapts to all screen sizes including Smartphones and tablets, as well as different computer screen sizes.

The second option, is to create a second mobile-only website in addition to your desktop website. Having a mobile-only website is helpful in some cases but in general a responsive website design is the best way to go for most businesses.

So you might be wondering… if you do not currently have a business website that is responsive to Smartphones and tablets, what do you need to do? Well, it’s time to invest in a new business website. While that seems expensive, with a new mobile friendly website design, you are likely to get a good return on your investment. A good website design company, like Big Hype Marketing, can create a responsive website that helps market your business, draw customers in, increase your sales and can be set up properly for future devices that are yet to come.

Having a mobile responsive website is critical to a business’ marketing as well as their sales.

Following are some benefits to investing in a new responsive website and how it could be beneficial towards supporting and building your business:

  1. Mobile Searches Are Increasing

As mentioned before, more people are searching for information on mobile devices and tablets then on desktop computers. For a business to reach these mobile searchers, it is imperative that their website be mobile responsive. According to Smart Insights, in 2014, “61% of people report that when they have a good mobile experience with a website then they have a better opinion of the brand”. Further research by Smart Insights states that “if a mobile user lands on your website on their mobile device and is frustrated or can’t navigate the website easily, that they will leave that website and go to another website that IS mobile responsive, most likely, a competitor and then you have lost that customer.”

  1. Mobile Responsive Sights Create a Positive User Experience

As mentioned above, if a user can not easily navigate a website on their mobile device, they will find a website where they can find what they are looking for. Additionally, Google has stated that if a user is having a positive experience on your business’ mobile responsive website, then they are “67% more likely to buy a product or service”.

  1. Responsive Websites Help Build Your Search Engine Optimization

For websites to move up in search engine rankings, Google “bots” look through websites (“crawl”) for certain information that makes a website more relevant or valuable than other websites. When an SEO expert is working to build your website’s Search Engine Optimization, they are implementing techniques and tactics that the Google “bots” can understand and are attracted to. One of those tactics, is that a website is responsive. Having one single URL, opposed to a desktop website and an additional mobile website, makes it easier for the Google “bot” to understand that you are one business and not two businesses competing against each other for ranking. Having a responsive website will help the SEO of your website because it will be updated and more attractive to the Google “bots” as well as keep you from competing with your own business.

  1. A Speedy Mobile Responsive Website Saves Sales

People like immediate gratification. When a user is searching for a product, service or information on their mobile or tablet device they want the website they are looking at to load quickly. If a website isn’t loading fast enough, many users will loose patience and move on to a competitor’s website. When a website is not mobile responsive, it often takes extra seconds to load on a mobile or tablet device. When a user has to wait too long for a website to load, there is a high chance that they will give up and go elsewhere. By having a mobile friendly website design, you could speed up the loading time for your website on mobile and tablet devices and therefore keep your potential customers engaged and more likely to complete their sale or other call to action.

  1. Responsive Websites Adapt to Future Devices

Each year the consumer electronic industry is coming out with newer, smaller, more in-depth devices for people to conduct searches on. With each new invention, business owners are given new opportunities to reach their customers and potential customers. Most recently, Apple came out with the Apple watch. We can’t predict what new devices will be coming our way, but with a mobile responsive website, you can prepare your business website so that it will be responsive to any sized new products because your responsive website will be designed to adapt to different screen sizes, not specific devices.

While you hang on to your old website, you could actually be hurting your sales instead of saving money. Investing in a new business website that is built with a mobile friendly website design will help you convert mobile and tablet website impressions and searches to sales and make you more money. Invest in a new responsive website as soon as possible. Call Big Hype Marketing at 888.855.6738 today.


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