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Rebuilding Your Brand

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Rebuilding Your Brand

Need to update your brand? Our digital marketing Newport CA team has you covered!

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been treating ourselves to a little self-care here at Big Hype! We had a cut and color (in the form of new graphics and a fresh color palette) and we’re working on rebuilding our social media to reflect our current business style. As we all know, the world of marketing and public relations is ALWAYS changing- and it can be hard to keep up! Clearing your space and reworking your brand is essential to staying on your audience’s radar. Keep reading for our best rebrand tips!


Start by organizing your brand kit. After some time, the kit you designed when you first started your business may not quite match your work anymore. It’s okay to start from scratch if you feel like your look is outdated! Let’s face it, millennial pink is so 2016. We ditched our dark ocean tones for a soft, lighter palette that mimics our Southern California location. We’re all about sandy tones and sunny sky blues now. But color isn’t everything! We also picked out new fonts, redesigned our company logo, and traded in our clean-cut graphics for a more creative look.


Once you’ve got the creative aspect down, it’s time to rework your marketing strategy. Are your ads still relevant? Is Monday morning still your best post time? Is your audience still the same? Take a deep dive into your metrics and build a new marketing strategy based on the data. Your optimal post times, keywords, and budget could probably all stand a revamp. You have to adapt to survive! We also like to recommend a brand focus- our new content was designed specifically to showcase our California homebase, our different services, and a work-life balance within our team.


In the midst of a rebrand, it’s easy to direct your focus to social media. Don’t forget that your company website needs some TLC, too! When you’re ad spending, booming on socials, and your SEO is working in your favor, all of those tools lead your audience to your direct website to seal the deal. Make sure your website design is in line with your new look, your pages are updated with the correct information, and your contacts are easy to access. 


2021 is all about an “out with the old, in with the new” headspace! Where will your brand go next?


For more about branding and digital marketing Newport Beach CA, visit Big Hype Marketing to hear about our social media, website design, marketing and public relations services. 

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