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Social media marketing Orange County CA

Social Media Marketing Orange County CA

Social media marketing Orange County CA

Boost Your Authority and Traffic
With These Social Media Tips From An Expert on Social Media Marketing Orange County CA

Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, oh my! Social media can be daunting, but it can also be a powerful tool for growth. Your business’ social media presence provides a unique opportunity to reach your target audience, but many businesses struggle to utilize their channels to their full capability.

Using social media to build your brand, generate leads and grow your business is entirely possible. The following tips from Big Hype Marketing, an expert on social media marketing Orange County CA, will propel your media channels to the next level:

Different media outlets serve different purposes; for this reason, create a social media plan for each individual channel. Content that succeeds on one platform may not see the same response on others. Your social media plan should be comprised of “mini-plans” (i.e. Instagram versus Twitter) that capitalize on the different capabilities of each platform. Tailoring custom content to each channel enables you to reach and appeal to different audiences, whether it be through the use of photos, videos or captions. Start by mastering three media channels that feature your target audience in order to really capitalize on your Social media marketing Orange County CA.

Although your content should be unique across platforms, keep your business’ voice consistent. Online interactions with your consumer should have a consistent feel that is true to the personality of your business. To maintain this presence, outline what voice you would like your media channels and revisit that outline before you post.

Social media is not just a place to boost sales. Your channels are an opportunity to communicate with your consumer in a personable way, all the while building your brand personality. If you strictly use your channels for sales purposes, customers will see your platforms as a place for advertisements rather than for organic interaction. Try to keep your “purchase this product”-type posts to less than 25 percent of your feed.

When you do post about your product, link to your site. Users are likely to find your site from your media channels. Keeping your website link present on your platforms allows your audience to find you with ease. Links also validate your site, which is likely to boost its traffic and overall performance.

If you are interested in building or refreshing your social media marketing Newport Beach CA, give us a call. Let’s start getting your social media in tip-top shape!

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